Sunday, May 02, 2010

Time to Invade Nepal, Maybe Turkey Too

The Pakistani Taliban claimed credit today for the car bomb that fizzled last night on Times Square. No doubt Bill Kristol and other neo-conservatives will soon start calling for invasions of uninvolved countries like Nepal or Turkey.

Actually, India would be a better candidate.

The 9-11 attacks were launched by Saudi nationals and coordinated from al-Qaeda bases in Afghanistan. In response, the Bush administration invaded Iraq despite an enormous amount of evidence that al-Qaeda considered Saddam Hussein to be an enemy.

If the car bomb in NYC really was set by the Pakistani Taliban, the most likely country to be targeted by the neo-cons for invasion would be Pakistan's main enemy, India.

I guess India's lucky the bomb fizzled.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, many pundits want to repeat this very mistake w/Iran. The Wash. Times, Glenn Beck, Krauthamer, etc. have been rattling their sabers at yet another country that does not like al-Qaeda (Sunni fundamentalists like those in al-Qaeda do not like Shias, like the majority of Iranians) and has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to have WMD (just "WMD-related programs"). Apparently, some people just refuse to learn the lessons of Vietnam.