Friday, March 26, 2010

Kathleen Sebelius: Nietzsche Nazi, Socialist Revolutionary

Ack! Fume! Splutter! Scream!

I've decided that the Jonah Goldberg's "liberal fascism" vocabulary doesn't go far enough for what Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says in the quote below.

Sebelius is not just a Nazi and a socialist. In fact, Sebelius is so far gone into fascism that she needs an adjective to amplify her Nazism. It would be all right to call her an uber Nazi but Nietzsche Nazi sounds way cooler because it's an alliteration.

Didn't Nietzsche used the term uber in one of his books? I'll have to ask my good friend Jeff Goldstein, the smartest most highly educated guy on the internet.

Just ask him

Anyway, I'll call Sebelius a Nietzsche Nazi until I get the authoritative word from Jeff.

So what did Sebelius say anyway?
She promises a hands-on approach, “a sense of urgency” and as much say-so for the states as possible. “We need to be the face of competent government — the face of a help desk that can really respond to personal issues and questions — and make sure we do that well and competently . . .”
"Competent government"--that makes her a socialist revolutionary as well.

I couldn't even type it without shaking a little.

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