Saturday, November 07, 2009

RSI's Epic Defeat at Root-A-Baker's

Yeah, today I broke down and bought a cake at Root-A-Baker's for an office celebration on Monday. Curse their cakes anyway! But there wasn't much choice. Right-wing wackos or not, Root-A-Baker's is the only first-rate bakery in town and the alternative was to ask Mrs. RSI to spend time baking when she needed to work on her classes.

I'll do better with my next boycott.


a said...

Sounds like it's time for you to put on the apron and dust off the cookbook, Ric. ;)

- Amanda M.

Ric Caric said...

Oohh! That wouldn't work. If I started baking, I'd weigh 500 pounds within a month.

Anonymous said...

Are you ending your protest again them for good? Or is this just an isolated incident?

But your action raises a good ethical question. Should we cut off people who we find such strong objections to? I bought some gifts at a local Christian store once and I had to hold my noise while checking out. How could I help fund a business that I find so utterly repulsive?

Sure, Root-a-Bakers only sells food stuff, but aren't they basically condemning non-Christians like myself?

Interesting dilemma, for sure.


Neal said...

Yeah, conservatives do tend to do an excellent job, whatever they do.
I have to admit it, I have, on at least one occasion, avoided a restaurant because I saw a Clinton bumper sticker on the owner's car.

Off topic - Glenn Beck just broke a publishing record. Five books on the various top 10 best sellers lists at one time.
Way to go Glenn!

Ric Caric said...

Too bad more of those uber-competent conservatives weren't serving in the Bush administration.

Those five Glenn Beck books must be REALLY deep.

Saturday's return to Root-A-Baker's was more of an emergency purchase than a return to steady customer status. I don't have a problem with the Root family being conservative. But I just felt their "This Piece of the Nation is Still Under God" sign was a rude way of sticking to their non-conservative customers. I'll still avoid them if I can.

Neal said...

The conservatives were not in control in the Bush administration or in Congress at the time. However, he beat the hell out of the idea of having Al Gore or John Kerry (did you know he served in Viet Nam?) as president when those bastards hit us! At least he understood that his numero uno responsibility was to protect the citizens of the United States from its enemies.
I'm sure Beck's books are repetitious, but his ideas are spot on. He does believe in America as it was founded and in individual freedoms. Those ideas are what created the most successful, free civilization in the history of man. Socialists gave us the failed states of the former Soviet Union and the stagnant countries of Europe. Not to mention where this country is going to be if we stay on the hellbound train we are presently on. Yes, the liberal Republicans and the Dems are to blame. Bush too.