Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Health Reform--Out of Harry Reid's Office

A Health Reform bill finally got out of Harry Reid's office today. I still think it will be passed with a public option--probably a public option with an opt out clause.

But it looks like conservative Dems are going to take out every last pound of flesh they can.

Conservatives think that health reform is a kind of Rubicon and that America will be a different kind of society if Congress passes a public option.

Maybe that's the case.

But, really, the Rubicon was crossed when Barack Obama was elected president. The question is whether Obama is going to maintain his position on the new side of the river.


New Architect said...

I think the Dems and Obama have just entered into the Red Sea rather than the Rubicon, unfortunately for them, I believe that not even Charlton Heston can hold back the flood waters. The election of Obama was a referendum on the Bush administration and at best a poor decision by a 17% turnout in youth vote, which swung the swing states just right (or "left" should I say). Healthcare "reform" in the Dems minds is everything but real "reform." As the democratic adds said when Bush was trying to fix prescriptions for seniors, "Why tear down the whole house when the problem is a leaky faucet." I must digress, I was right, Heston couldn't stop the flow, I have to save Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid- there in over their head.

Tim said...