Thursday, October 29, 2009

White House Declares Victory Over Fox--Sends Troops Home

The Politico has a report of a "truce meeting" between Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs and a Fox executive.
White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and Michael Clemente, Fox News' senior
vice president for news, met at the White House for about 20 minutes on Wednesday morning, sources said.

The contents of the meeting remain private. A Fox source said that the marching orders are to “continue doing what we’re doing – reporting the news, asking tough questions and providing analysis/opinion on shows like O’Reilly, Beck and Hannity.”
I image that the Obama administration refers to Clemente as the "senior vice-president for propoganda outreach" at Fox. The Obama/Fox war has been a complete victory for the Obama administration. Jake Tapper of ABC might have been sympathetic with Fox, but the fact is that the Obama people were able to take Fox out of the health care debate at the key moment when legislation was bubbling up toward the floor. Instead of spending September and October making up new lies about "death panels" and comparing health reform to the rape of the Sabine women, Fox executives and news personalities had to devote themselves to defending their claims to journalistic integrity and whining about "censorship."

Now that Fox, the Republicans, and conservatives in general are on the outside of the health care debate, it looks like Robert Gibbs has decided to declare victory and offer a temporary truce to his defeated opponents in the right-wing media.

That's certainly magnanimous of him.

But Fox has already promised to "continue doing what we're doing" and the Obama administration certainly won't hesitate to attack them again.

Peace between Obama and Fox? More like a pause.

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Neal said...

Ric, I don't know how you can get it more wrong. Fox news shreds all competition lately. Fox News has been pulling in more viewers than CNN & PMSNBC combined and the top 10 cable news programs in the 3Q. Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly through the roof. That is people voting with their TV remotes. This, while Obama's job approval ratings are down and on a downward trend. I have not heard anyone at Fox taking a vacation from the health care debate or complaining about censorship.
Concerning the death panel comments, certainly you will not find that comment in the bills, but the bureaucrats will be in charge and I know what their leanings are and past comments have been. Obama: Maybe your mother should go home and take a pill. John Holdren comments about forced abortions and mass sterilization. You get the drift. Pretty radical ideas. Radical people.
This is not about health care. We could provide insurance for the 10 million uninsured Americans for a pittance today. This is about taking away our personal freedoms. Once the government has control of our health care system, they will have a ring in our nose and will be able to lead us where they want - right to the ballot box to vote for more Dems. I can hear Barney now "Don't vote for Wepublicans. They will take away your FWEE health insurance".