Sunday, October 04, 2009

Conservatives Beware on Polanski

Two agreements with conservatives on Roman Polanski.

First, Polanski needs to be brought back to the United States to face sentencing on the watered down charges in relation to his rape of a 13 year old girl and be prosecuted for his flight from justice.

Second, Hollywood and the arts community are profoundly wrong in defending Polanski. People like Whoopi Goldberg make themselves look like the world's biggest hypocrites for their mealy-mouthed rationalizations for not treating Polanski as the rapist he is.

But conservatives also have a problem in their attacks on Polanski. If Roman Polanski is not too important to escape justice, why do they keep arguing that George Bush, Dick Cheney, and their accomplices are so important that they shouldn't be investigated let alone indicted, tried, and forced to spend the rest of their miserable lives paying for their crimes against humanity.

Ok, maybe I was getting a little overly enthusiastic there. But the world won't come to an end if Dick Cheney pays for his crimes any more than it will come to an end if Roman Polanski pays for his.

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Anonymous said...

Furthermore, Scooter Libby had been "punished" enough because he lost his credibility and integrity - so we shouldn't insist that he do his time. Blackwater has committed crimes in Iraq. Halliburton has committed fraud with taxpayer money. Oh, but let's get ACORN because there was a fear they MIGHT misuse money that was partially taxpayer funds. Let's make sure NO money, federal or state, gets to ACORN, but Blackwater and Halliburton, well, they do need operating funds. If Congress withheld money from every entity that merely MIGHT misuse taxpayer funds, our country would collapse because it would affect everything - starting with Wall Street on down. I do not intend to excuse ACORN employees as nondeserving of their terminations, but there sure is a double standard. If an entity aids the Have's, then we can overlook untoward activities; if they aid the poor, then they must be destroyed. Shame on the Dems for going along with this ACORN, but I really don't know how they would have fought against that Liberal Media and defended ACORN.