Saturday, September 19, 2009

How Creepy is John Edwards?

I didn't like John Edwards but I didn't think he was creepy enough to do this.
According to the newspaper . . . Edwards once told Hunter they would wed after Ddwards' wife, who has cancer, died. Edwards told Hunter that the ceremony would be held on a rooftop in New York and the Dave Matthews Bands would make an appearance, the newspaper said, citing its examination of the book proposal.
Of course, I also have a hard time believing anyone would fall for a line like that.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Dave Matthews Band IS pretty creepy.

rob fletcher said...

this is disgusting...what are the people having a part in big choices for our country doing acting like wayward individuals???

Todd Mayo said...

Ann Coulter (who I find far creepier than almost anyone with the exception of Glenn Beck), must really be kicking herself right now after using the "F-word" to describe John Edwards as Gay during the 2008 primaries. Talk about a BAD call!
Eyes up Ann!! I can't stand you but if you insist on inflicting your bile on the American public would you please try to keep your insults on point?!?

Ric Caric said...

Actually, it would be a good joke if Coulter dramatically admitted her error in Edwards' case. To be fair to Coulter, nobody's dug any comparable dirt on her and I'm sure it's not for lack of trying.