Friday, September 11, 2009

Comedian World Domination

The comedian plot to take over the world continues to gain steam. First the evil comics made Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert into America's two most trusted newsmen. After their success in taking over the news business, the comedians gained more momentum when the producers of Saturday Night Live ran Al Franken for the United States Senate. Saturday Night Live didn't just corrupt the Democratic Party either. They also convinced the Republican Party to nominate a Tina Fey impersonator for Vice-President. When Franken finally won, the plotters at Comedian Central (not to be confused with "Comedy Central") were almost as happy as Obama bin Laden was on 9-11.

But the news keeps getting worse. Not satisfied with taking over the news media and politics, the comedians have set their sights on a really important target. That's right, folks. The comedians are taking over one of the spiritual centers of American society--"American Idol." Operatives from Comedian Central have succeeded in placing Ellen Degeneres as a fourth judge on the most revered program on television. What does Ellen Degeneres know about music . . . or anything else for that matter. Is nothing sacred? Have the comedians no shame? How long do the other judges have to live before the comedians kill them?

Outside the National Football League, "American Idol" is the most important center of religious experience in the United States. Now that comedians have extended their influence from comedy shows to news, politics, and the world of religion, there's probably no stopping them. America has survived two invasions by the British, the slave conspiracy, two world wars, the Cold War and the War on Terror, but it looks we'll at long last lose our country to the laugh merchants at Comedian Central.

This may be my last post. I think I hear the goose-stepping myrmidons of Comedian Central coming up my driveway now, tasers in hand.

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