Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Tiger Slump: When Will It Ever End?

Tiger Woods won the Bridgestone Invitational today by four strokes.

It was his fifth victory in the twelve events that Woods has played this year while continuing his recovery from knee surgery. But the really important thing is that Tiger Woods has LOST seven whole tournaments. THAT'S SHOCKING!!! Who's ever heard of a major golf icon like Tiger Woods losing seven tournaments in only a year. And Tiger has lost all three MAJORS this year. That's right, Tiger Woods hasn't won a MAJOR all year. He's been stuck on 14 MAJOR tournament victories for almost eighteen months.

And Woods STILL hasn't won as many majors as Jack Nicklaus.

What's happening? What's Tiger doing wrong? I'm not a golf expert, but I'm worried. It's been so long since his last victory in a MAJOR that people who really know golf are beginning to wonder if Tiger has the cajones needed to break out of this horrible slump.

But I'll never lose faith.

Hang in there through this trying time Tiger.

We feel your pain.

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Anonymous said...

I am assuming this was a satirical post. I, too, have noticed coverage of Woods' accomplishments and pitfalls since he came back from his knee surgery. I can't help but think the attacks on his success are spurred by envious persons who still don't think a black man has a right to be on a golf course. I watch him every time he's in a tournament and I am continue to be amazed at the unnecessarily negative comments by the network commentators. Same thing happens to Serena and Venus Williams. There's still a lot of jealousy and so-called subtle racism out there.