Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No Surprise! Gun Guys Have Militia Ties

No surprise here. The guy who organized the gun display at the Obama townhall in Phoenix is a talk-radio host with ties to members of the Arizona Viper Militia who were convicted of plotting to blow up government buildings during the 90's.

What's been happening is that the activism of the Glenn Beck/teabagging/super-small government "near fringe" has inspired the really dangerous people on the right to come out of their caves.

I hate to be pessimistic, but it doesn't take a genius to see that one of these militia idiots is going to use spraying an Obama rally with his AK 15 as his suicidal "exit strategy."


Anonymous said...

Certainly, every militia group has guns. No surprise there. Ayers' Weather Underground had them (and bombs too!). But to suggest that more than a minute portion of the gun owning public are like these people is a load of crap. People that break the law should be punished. Liberals are in favor of lenient punishments and short prison stays - not conservatives.
Try to find instances where a person who possesses a carry permit has been involved criminal activity using a firearm.
You will have a tough time finding any.

Todd Mayo said...

Ric, the truth more often than not is rather pessimistic. Of course this stuff, left unchecked, will escalate. YOU DON'T GET TO TAKE A GUN TO A PRESIDENTIAL TOWN HALL MEETING!! Let alone does a group of nut-case militant fringe militia maniacs. For God's sake! How can anyone be okay with that?