Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Does the GOP Have Much Choice But To Oppose Health Reform

Digby claims that Congress actually might pass a decent health reform bill because the GOP refused to give them cover for legislation loaded with corporate goodies. The moderates and Blue Dogs wanted compromise but the Republicans wouldn't budge.
The sell-outs are almost begging the Republicans to help them pass the terrible,
insurance company giveaway bill they want so badly --- and the Republicans just
won't cooperate.

I believe the Democrats are going to get health reform enacted with a "public option" that will serve as competition for the insurance companies. But I don't think the Republicans ultimately had any practical option but refusal to cooperate. The conservative activist core has gone teabagger and they're carrying Republican politicians with them. Any Republican senator or House member who defies the conservative consensus is going to be in trouble. It's easier for senators like Charles Grassley of Iowa to toe the line and pass out Glenn Beck books to the yahoos than compromise with Obama. That's why Grassley indicated that he wouldn't vote for health reform even if the Dems gave him everything he wanted.

If the Democrats want to govern, they'll have to govern without the cooperation of the Republicans on health care or any other issue of substance.

And, like Digby, I don't think that's such a bad thing.

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You might want to read about HR 3218.
Actually, you probably wouldn't be interested