Monday, July 13, 2009

Why Won't Dick Cheney Run for President?

CNN has a story about the possibility of Liz Cheney running for office someday. But why isn't former VP Dick Cheney considering running for president. Dick Cheney is the leading spokesperson for the foreign policy/military agenda of the Republican Party, he's popular with the Republican base, and he's sure-footed with the media. He's really the logical Republican candidate.

Of course, there are counter-arguments against a Cheney candidacy. First, there's his health as someone who's had multiple heart surgeries. But Cheney served eight years as an extremely important and influential Vice-President in good health. The only people whose health anybody has to wonder about are the buddies who go hunting with Cheney.

Cheney could also reassure voters by NOT nominating Sarah Palin as his VP.

Also, one could argue that Cheney is a highly unpopular figure who would be crushed by Obama. But RSI doesn't see why that should deter the Republicans. It isn't like they have a "popular" candidate anyway.

Cheney in 2012. You heard it here.

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Todd Mayo said...

Why not? They could resurrect Ronald Reagan and he could not win. I agree with what you said in an earlier comment about the incredible weakness of the GOP. If they manage to claw their way back to power, the time taken will be every bit of 40 years or more. I agree with you, I think as a national party, they're dead in the water for good. I can live with that.
This brings us back to where I began,their candidate's name may be cheney, palin, gingrich, sanford, you name it, even thant venerable old demon, Ronald Reagan couldn't save them.