Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Problem with Brett Favre

The Minnesota Vikings announced today that NFL legend, icon, and retirement specialist Brett Favre will not be returning to play football in 2009.

So why can't Favre stay retired?

There are a lot of theories, but I haven't seen anybody mention just how dull and boring life can be in Kiln, Mississippi. Like a lot of guys who've seen the bright lights and the big cities, Favre can't get used to living in an area that really gets dark at night.

Who can blame him?

What Favre needs to do is move to New York, LA, or Chicago, get involved in some sort of sports related commerce, and go out and enjoy the adulation that goes with being a recently retired football legend.

That would keep him retired.


James said...

That certainly sounds plausible, although in his particular case I doubt that the rural nature of Mississippi is the real reason he has struggled with retirement. In fact, Favre continued to live in Mississippi throughout his career and seemed very uncomfortable playing in New York.

More likely Favre has not found a new addiction like the adrenaline rush from football to give him the high that competition gives him. Not that I am discounting the adulation factor, or your prescription for sports related commerce. Perhaps he could use John Elway as a model; actually he should have used Elway as a model several seasons ago. Elway retired, stayed retired, and directed all of his creative and competitive energies into new business ventures in the Denver area. Favre needs to find a product or a franchise and package it in his brand.

That MIGHT keep him retired.

Anonymous said...

Farve's body will keep him retired. Think about it though, he lived, breathed and dreamed of football all his life and was darn good at it. One can't just walk away from that.

I've been a hard core Farve fan even when he jerked around the teams while waffling on his first retirement. No, I didn't like the way he handled that, but he had the same problem then. Only then he felt his body could keep up with his ambitions.

Now its over, but I can't believe that football still won't play a big role in whatever he does. He will be around and ESPN hasn't seen the last of him. Both your comments have validity. He likes Mississippi but also likes that excitement of the game.

I just hope he doesn't spiral downward into some bad way because can't cope with not playing football anymore. He is quite young and I have to believe he still has a lot to contribute to the sport and the NFL.