Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama Had His Wonk On Tonight

Barack Obama decided to show his wonk side during his news conference on health care. Policy alternatives, facts, figures, and budget logic dominated.

Inspiration was in short supply.

I'm probably a little bit more impressed with "Inspiration Obama" than I am with "Wonk Obama." But it would be awesome if Obama could do a better job of bringing both of his political personalities to the table at the same time.

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Todd Mayo said...

That's true. He was a bit stale. It didn't bother me given that his predecessor was an inarticulate boob who never came close to President Obama's clear, concise understanding of the issues. One of President William J. Clinton's strengths is the ability to be both "wonkish", and inspirational at the same time. Perhaps in time, President Obama will learn that delicate balance as well.