Monday, June 22, 2009


A few days ago, I posted on Open Salon and RSI about boycotting the Washington Post in the wake of the Dan Froomkin firing.

Today, I fired them!

It was easy. I unsubcribed to their "Today's Headlines And Columnists Feedback" and wrote this comment:

This is to inform you that I’m no longer subscribing to the Washington Post’s
"Today’s Headlines and Columnists” service. As has been frequently observed, the Washington Post is becoming more and more of a right-wing mouthpiece while still enjoying the economic benefits of its reputation as a major “liberal” newspaper. However, with the Dan Froomkin firing, I am no longer willing to patronize the Post. So I am severing what little connection I have.

One suggestion though--you might think about having your editorials posted on the Townhall website along with the op-eds of Charles Krauthammer.

Then, I e-mailed my comment to editor Fred Hiatt. Obviously, I don't have much weight with Fred Hiatt, but it's important to add my little bit to the sum of disgust with the Washington Post's general rightward drift and their recent firing of Dan Froomkin.

Progressives are a well-educated, relatively high-income group that has considerable economic weight. Boycotting the Washington Post is an appropriate occasion for throwing that weight around a little.

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