Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lebron James to the Clips?

Michael Wilbon thinks the Los Angeles Clippers are a better destination for Lebron James than the Knicks. Now, I have a soft spot for the Clips and agree with Wilbon that Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman, and Blake Griffin are a better supporting cast than Lebron will ever see in Cleveland.

It's also possible to see the merely dysfunctional Clips as a better destination than the "super, ultra, lightning" (to quote The Incredibles) dysfunctionality of the Knicks.

Certainly, there's the argument that James could sign with a team that has really good pieces like New Orleans, the Hawks, or Oklahoma City.

And the Clippers have young talent that's as good as anybody's.

But, there's a big "BUT" to all of this thinking. Now matter how one slices it, neither James nor anyone else can see Donald Sterling as a championship owner. They probably won't make a serious offer either.

Lebron James is not going to be a Clipper.

The same thing can be said for the ownership in New Orleans. I doubt that James will look at the Oklahoma City Thunder (too new) or Atlanta Hawk (too fractured) ownership as being very credible either.

Unless Lebron can figure out a way to go to Boston, the Lakers, or the Spurs, he will probably end up staying in Cleveland. The Cavs have strong ownership, an effective general manager in Danny Ferry, and a track record of making good moves like trading for Mo Williams. Mike Brown is a decent coach who's getting better all the time.

Even Lebron James lives in a world of limited options and the Cavs are probably the best option he'll find out there.

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