Saturday, October 18, 2008

John McCain's Slime Trail

I may have used this image before but I think of the presidential election as a race between a turtle and a snail. Contrary to Obama's image of Obama, I think of him as a "slow" candidate who is able to stake a slim lead and nurse it to the end. He never got far ahead of Hillary Clinton and he's never gotten that far in front of McCain but he's stayed in front the whole time.

If Obama is a turtle, McCain is a snail and the slime trail behind McCain is getting bigger and bigger.

TPM sums it up well:
McCain's entire campaign is now comprised of innuendo and lies meant to tie Obama to various stereotypes of African-Americans and of course Arab terrorism. His purported foreign policy experience hasn't been part of the campaign's message in weeks. Just black, black, black, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist.

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Anonymous said...

He added to this on Sunday...

It makes me sick to think about this and the John McCain I thought I knew.

And, in your infinite wisdom, help me understand the difference between Obama's relationship with Ayers and McCain's relationship with Libby. Burning down buildings could have been called fun in the 60's. I don't think encouraging the murdering of ATF agents has ever been in vogue.