Sunday, June 15, 2008

McCain's Worst VP Pick--Take Two

Sometime last week, I claimed that McCain should nominate Karl Rove for VP is he wants to have the worst presidential campaign since George McGovern in 1972.

But I think former Bush speechwriter David Frum might have one-upped me today by suggesting Rudy Giuliani as McCain's VP.
I have my own personal nomination for vice president for McCain. It's Rudy Giuliani, precisely because he shares the vision of a practical, reforming, war-winning Republican Party that inspires John McCain, plus the stronger-than-usual grounds for hoping that he might be the rare candidate who can make a difference in an essential state--in this case, New Jersey.

I would say that Frum can't be serious, but I know better. Giuliani was practically laughed out of the Republican primaries because of the images of NY cops helping his then mistress walk her precious little dog. The idea that Giuliani had enough gall to provide city security for his mistress encapsulated his over-the-top narcissism, , sleazy business practices, corrupt association with Bernard Kerik, and disgusting treatment of his ex-wife Donna Hanover.

GOP voters practically laughed Giuliani out of the primaries. If McCain was dumb enough to nominate Giuliani for VP, general election voters would be just as brutal with him.

But there is some indication that McCain actually is thinking of Joe Lieberman.

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