Thursday, May 01, 2008

Today's Hillary News

1. The Call. I finally got a call from some Hillary people asking for money. They weren't modest. They wanted $50 on top of the $100 I've already put in. I was glad to hear the pitch. I get a lot of calls from the Obama campaign. Still, the answer was "no."

2. Turning the Tide. There's been some good poll numbers coming out for Hillary. She's starting to kill Obama among white working-class voters. Likewise, there are a couple of polls out with her doing better than Obama among independents and she's lengthening her lead over McCain.

3. An Exercise in Tenacity. Fighting from behind, Hillary Clinton is showing just how tough she is. It's what I've wanted to see from a Democrat all along. And its helping her.


Scottye said...

I still don't see her winning. She's almost bankrupt (she might be by now), it's a statistical impossibility for her to win enough delegates, and if she manages a brokered-convention then she will lose legitimacy with a large portion of the voter base. Seriously, do you really think the Democrats, who were burned in 2000 by voter fraud, would even touch something that remotely smelled of the same thing? I, for one, certainly hope they wouldn't. But then I'm leaning more towards Obama anyway.

jinchi said...

I have to agree with Scottye, here. We aren't seeing a tide turning, you could have predicted her Pennsylvania win by looking at any of the polls taken since mid-February. Ditto Ohio and Texas and Obama's wins in Mississippi and Wyoming.

She now needs to win by 20 point margins in every contest left in order to catch him in the delegate count - even if Florida and Michigan are included. She only polls that well in Kentucky and West Virginia.

Hillary is fighting a defensive game here and that isn't good enough anymore.