Thursday, November 29, 2007

Death of Greg Goldey

Greg Goldey died last night at 2:11am. I got to visit him yesterday afternoon. It was a tough situation because he was already struggling to breathe, had a hard time staying in focus, and was seeing a lot of people. But Greg was more than willing to see the friends, relatives, and colleagues coming to his house because he was concerned for them and their feelings. It must have been a long hard day for him to know that he was dying at the same time that he was so intensely connected to so many people.

Greg had always been a good guy and I always liked him. But that in fact was underestimating him. The way Greg conducted himself while he was terminally ill with cancer was noble in the best sense of the word and I've come to look up to him as a human being and a man.

It's horrible that he's gone.


Todd Mayo said...

Greg Goldey was a great friend and an excellent professor. I am shocked and saddened by his passing. I kept saying I wanted to come visit but I never made the time. My loss. Everyone's loss really.

MSU's GGH department will never be the same without the man who loved, but acknowledged the flaws of "The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave."

He is, and ever shall be missed but not forgotten.

Tim said...

Ric, I am sorry for your loss. I generally don't know what to say in these moments, but your posts make it clear how much he meant to you and you do his memory a great service with your words.

Sasha said...

Dr. Caric, it's Sasha. I hope you remember me. I moved to Louisville awhile ago, and didn't even know Goldey was sick. I am so heartbroken to hear about this. He was an amazing person. Could you please let me know where I can send something to his family? Thank you.

Kimmy Hall said...

I have to say that even in a small town hours away from MSU, the heartache is still being felt from the loss of such a great man and the sorrow his family must be feeling. I am at a loss for words, as I didnt know until recently that Greg was sick... and now I count it my own loss that I didnt make the time needed... My thoughts are with Connie and her family, and with the GGH staff at MSU.