Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How Did That Dinosaur and Her Mate Fit on the Ark?

Paleontologists have recently recovered almost a full skeleton of a plant-eating dinosaur that measured 32 m, or 105 feet, and would have lived in South America 88 million years ago.
Scientists from Argentina and Brazil said the Patagonian dinosaur appears to represent a previously unknown species of Titanosaur because of the unique structure of its neck. They named it Futalognkosaurus dukei after the Mapuche Indian words for "giant" and "chief," and for Duke Energy Argentina, which helped fund the skeleton's excavation.
Futalognkosaurus dukei is only one of three giant dinosaur species found in South America.
Patagonia also was home to the other two largest dinosaur skeletons found to date — Argentinosaurus, at around 115 feet long (35 meters long), and Puertasaurus reuili, 115 feet to 131 feet long (35 to 40 meters long).
I wonder how two of each species of these big boys and girls fit on the Ark.


ef said...

Read very slowly and follow the logic:

They can't. Now they're extinct.

Ric Caric said...

So, you believe in Noah's Ark?

Michael said...

Are you mocking the Torah, perfessor? Are you sure you are not related to Coulter?

Ric Caric said...

Just Biblical literalism.

tim said...

The Right is hostile to all forms of empiricism.

Todd Mayo said...

A little off-topic, but when I was still enrolled down there, some kid asked me if I "support evolution." This made no sense to me. I asked him to elaborate. He did and what emerged was a somewhat confused question about whether I "believe" that living things have evolved over time. My problem was with the question itself. What I really wanted to ask in return was, "Do you think every species is exactly the same as they have always been?" Of course they aren't.

As for the dinosaurs,"ef", you are saying that not only do you believe both in Noah's Ark and dinosaurs (I happen to believe in both as well), you think that they are no longer here because they could not fit in the Ark?? "Oh ye of little faith." If those creatures were here at the same period in earth's history, rest assured, they were on board. If you think they wouldn't have fit, does that not stregthen the case for some kind of evolution? Perhaps in their evolved state, they were quite small enough to fit inside the ark.

IDK, I wasn't there.