Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bush Crime Watch--No. 1

There was so much crime news from the Bush administration and it seems like it's going to go on for so long that I'm starting a new series of posts on the Bush crime scene.

1. It appears that the Blackwater security company stole a couple of airplanes from the Iraqi government and refused to give them back. But I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation. Perhaps Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki welched on a Super Bowl bet with Blackwater honcho Erik Prince.

2. Former federal prosecutor Bud Mackay claims that an Inspector General's report fromt he Department of Justice is going to recommend that Alberto Gonzales be prosecuted for perjury before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Will Bush give a pre-emptive pardon? And would that pardon constitute obstruction of justice as well?

3. According to the Iraqi Interior Ministry, American forces killed 15 civilians and wounded 52 other civilians during a raid on the Sadr City section of Baghdad this morning. There are other reports of American troops targeting any and all fleeing cars, a couple of toddler bodies in the city morgue, and a 14 year-old boy being shot while he was sleeping on the family roof. The spokesperson for the military claimed that they weren't aware of any civilians being harmed.

But shooting up a neighborhood isn't just dumb. It's a crime.


Todd Mayo said...

This Administration assumed office illegaly with a very twisted very partisan 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court in the case of Bush V Gore. So it began, one crime after another with these people until the whole country is choking on them. Trying to enumerate their misdeeds may prove a time-consuming and daunting task for you Ric but I applaud the effort.

Given the staggering crimes committed by these people I would not even know where to begin. I do, however recommend this website:

There one can find information and links that detail some of this Administration's crimes and the efforts of Representative Conyers and others to hold this White House accountable.

tim said...

I hope Alberto is indicted. Mainly for the discovery....the discovery would finally help prosecutors build a case against Rove and like Joe Wilson, I so want to see Rove get frog-marched.

Todd Mayo said...

I concur Tim. Indict Alberto, the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. I anticipate an avalanche of pardons to be issued from Pennsylvania Ave around Jan 20, 2009.

None of this ambigious Marc Rich stuff for GW. His pardons will be massive, blatant, obvious miscarriages of justice and once he does it he and his whole band of right-wing thugs will be untouchable.

But, at least they'll be out of there and Hillary can begin to repair their damage.