Sunday, March 11, 2007

Senate Democrats For Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Democrats like Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware and Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York must be highly committed to good government or at least to getting as close to good government as we can while George Bush is president. Otherwise, they wouldn't be calling for the resignation of Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General.

Both Biden and Schumer know that Gonzales will be an extremely easy target for the negative ads of Democratic presidential, Senate, and House candidates if he stays in office. The torture memos, the firing of federal prosecutors, and FBI abuses of the National Security Letters--Gonzales is a living icon of Bush administration incompetence and corruption. When Democratic consultants got tired of bashing the Iraq War, they could run ads on Gonzales instead.

The ads would practically write themselves.

However, instead of seeking that kind of big partisan advantage, Senate Democrats are calling for Gonzales to resign.

That's kind of patriotism just brings a tear to my eye.

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