Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Grand Terrorism on the Right

The right-wing is already learning its lessons from the failure in Iraq. Do they want to be more sure about the necessity of invasion? Are they determined to be better prepared to occupy a country? Better trained to deal with civilian populations? Have more people on the ground who know the languages?

No! No! No! And No!

The lesson that the right is deriving from Iraq is the need for larger scale attacks on civilian populations. Following up on a column by Cal Thomas, Rush Limbaugh has a "historical essay" today on his web site proposing the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the fire-bombing of Hamburg and Dresden as the proper models for dealing with recalcitrant civilian populations like Middle Eastern Arabs.

The idea on the American right is that Arab populations won't ever love us unless they absolutely submit to us and they won't ever submit to us unless we kill so many thousands and tens of thousands that they recognize the futility of any resistance.

In essence, what the right is beginning to advocate is that the U. S. engage in a policy of "grand terrorism" toward the Arab world. And if the Arabs keep resisting after we nuke Damascas and Mecca, then the right will probably start pressing for complete elimination of Arab populations.

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